Get it off your chest

Irritated? Angry? Plain furious? Don't stew on it. Vent it.

Vent is an anonymous social network designed for people to connect, share and express some of the more frustrating aspects of life.

Voice your opinion to our supportive community without the worry of being insulted or disrespected, de-friended or upsetting people you know.

Beautifully designed, straightforward to use

Vent has been purposely designed to feel uplifting, because although what’s on your mind may be weighing you down, we want you to feel positive and encouraged when you’ve had your say. Vent has also been crafted to enable you to communicate your feelings as quickly as possible.

Discover and listen to like-minded people from around the world

We all know that misery enjoys company, so you’ll be encouraged to curate your own list of users to follow and be followed in return. This way you can comment, favorite, offer support and be entertained from the people who resonate most with you.

Express yourself without worry of judgment or prejudice

Tell us how you feel. Exactly how you feel. Our ever growing community will support, advise and laugh with you. And feel comfortable with the knowledge that our moderators will quickly deal with any inappropriate behaviour.

Maintain your profile and your anonymity

From your profile, you’ll be able to see all your vents, who you’re listening to and who’s listening back. You’ll be able to change your profile name and image whenever you like to maintain your anonymity. Your profile will also reflect the mood you were in when you last posted.