Get it off your chest

Express your emotions, offer support and build relationships

Vent is a supportive community where users feel accepted and encouraged to voice their feelings without the threat of bullying.

Connect and listen to people with similar experiences

Sometimes life can throw up difficult challenges. Our aim is to connect people with similar experiences to help, support and guide each other.

Encouraging positive thinking

Vent has been purposely designed to feel uplifting. Although what’s on your mind may be weighing you down, we want you to feel empowered when you’ve had your say.

Our focus is on community

Tell us how you feel. Exactly how you feel. Our ever growing community will support, advise and encourage. And rest assured that our moderators will quickly deal with any inappropriate behaviour.

Feel comfortable, be yourself

Your profile is your representation in our community. It reflects your current emotion and provides flexibility to say as much or as little about who you are as you wish. We want to make you feel comfortable to be yourself.